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The Transbefrienders Story

About Us

Recognising the lack of peer support for youths with gender dysphoria (also known as transgender youth), Transbefrienders was started in 2019, by a group of volunteers from various backgrounds who have experienced living with gender dysphoria in Singapore.

We a registered non-profit organisation providing appropriate information and emotional support to guide transgender youths in their transitioning journey. We also act as an intermediary support for folks going through the healthcare system in Singapore to manage suicidal ideation and prevent suicide attempts.


We have since grown to include gender-diverse individual and youths-at-heart in our support.

Our Vision

Gender-diverse Lives with Independence and Happiness

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Our Mission

Transbefrienders encourages and journeys with gender-diverse individuals in Singapore to be confident and independent.

Our Values

We believe in supporting transgender and gender-diverse youth by providing the knowledge and tools to be self-sufficient and confident in their own abilities.

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Our Team

We are grateful to have more than 30 talented cisgender, transgender and gender-diverse people contributing to our cause. Their tireless contribution to the community is deeply appreciated. Click on our pictures below to find out more about our executive team!

Our Advisory Board

Our Board Members

TBF Board of Directors
Left to right: Dr Khoo Hoon Eng, Tan Joo Hymn, Seth Tjia, Rafa & Coen

Our Logo

Designed by Cetrina, the logo reflects a youthful and upbeat initials of Transbefrienders. The coloured dots represents the pink and blue on the transgender flag, and orange on the rainbow flag which signifies healing - the work that we mainly do. The font created at the bottom reflects the professionalism that we strive for.

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