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Clean Space

Study Support Scheme

This scheme is for transgender and gender non-conforming students who are lacking support in schools. A safe space, free of prejudice and discrimination, is essential in a student's learning process. Therefore, we are offering a face-to-face mentorship programme for transgender and gender-diverse students who are taking GCE N, O & A levels.

Nonetheless, all students are welcome to join because we don't discriminate!


Support scheme includes:

1. Textbooks and calculators on loan

2. Face to face mentorship with certified and experienced educators

3. Safe space for studying

4. Individualised learning plans for every student

5. 100% subsidised GCE exam fees


Common subjects are in session. Please sign up to find out more.


Our Student Fees

All students - S$50 nett per year.

Transgender students above 21 years old - S$30 nett per year.

Transgender students below 21 years old - Free.

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