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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023

20 November, 2023

As we commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance, let's not only remember the lives lost but also reflect on the mental health challenges faced by the trans community. In a world that often marginalizes and misunderstands, the impact on mental well-being can be profound.

Today, Transbefrienders pledge to create a more inclusive, empathetic space where everyone's mental health is valued. This pledge is not just a promise towards the greater community but also a new initiative that our committee team is working towards in supporting the mental health of all our team members.

We would also like to take this momentous opportunity to announce a partnership with Monfort Care, a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges. Transbefrienders is honoured to be under the guidance and mentorship of their team of social service professionals who strive to provide community-based social services to empower lives and strengthen communities. They will be providing counseling and group supervision for our befrienders to enhance the amazing work with our youth!

Here’s to remembering with a commitment to support and uplift each other.


Our Statement on Housing Transgender Inmates

9 November, 2023

We are relieved to learn that the safety of all incarcerated persons are taken into consideration in the prison system. Minister Shanmugam’s clarifications in parliament is clear that transgender folks who are transitioning will be treated humanely.

We also concur that individuals should be assessed on a case-by-case basis and greatly appreciate the effort into considering the nuances of the situation.

From our work with transgender folks who went through the system, there are still issues faced by transgender inmates. We have noted in one case, a trans woman who was assigned to a male prison alleged that she and other trans women in the cell have less recreational time like exercise, study or work.

While the assignment of prison cells based on their external genitalia is a step forward in the right direction, we feel that there should also be considerations for transgender inmates who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria or expressed gender variance, but are unable to transition medically or surgically. That can include providing gender care to inmates and assigned them to segregated cells in such cases.

We believe that these considerations will help expand to include gender-diverse individuals and improve their rehabilitation journey.

Founders of Transbefrienders featured on Zaobao

27 August, 2023

Zaobao New Article on TBF

Transgender people are often marginalised by society, and many of them are teenagers of developmental age. Without their parents' understanding, they will feel isolated and helpless. Transbefrienders, which specialises in supporting transgender youth, was interviewed about the attitude of parents and the importance of support. The two founders also proved through their own experiences that transgender people can also live a good life.


Written by Tan Ying Zhen, for Zaobao. Published on 27 Aug 2023.

Translated with Google Translate.


Guest Trainer at Transbefrienders

March, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to the youths we support, we have engaged Senior Psychologist Dr Maha Y. See, PsyD, to upgrade the skills of our befrienders to improve the quality of our befriending service for transgender youths. Some of the topics covered includes trauma-informed care, "Common" mental health problems & LGBTQ+ affirming therapy.

Dr Maha has 30 years of experience in community services. He has worked with individuals and families from diverse cultural and international backgrounds across the lifespan in community mental health since 2006, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area. His clients belong primarily to vulnerable and marginalized populations. Maha’s approach to clinical care is emotionally focused and trauma-informed with attention paid to cultural context and intersectional issues. His organisational clients are primarily non-governmental and civil society organisations.

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