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27 August, 2023

Transgender people are often marginalised by society, and many of them are teenagers of developmental age. Without their parents' understanding, they will feel isolated and helpless. Transbefrienders, which specialises in supporting transgender youth, was interviewed about the attitude of parents and the importance of support. The two founders also proved through their own experiences that transgender people can also live a good life.


Written by Tan Ying Zhen, for Zaobao. Published on 27 Aug 2023.

Translated with Google Translate.


Zaobao New Article on TBF

March, 2023

As part of our ongoing commitment to the youths we support, we have engaged Dr Maha Y. See, PsyD, to upgrade the skills and quality of our befrienders. Some of the topics covered includes  trauma-informed care, "Common" mental health problems & LGBTQ+ affirming therapy.

Dr Maha has 30 years of experience in community services. He has worked with individuals and families from diverse cultural and international backgrounds across the lifespan in community mental health since 2006, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area. His clients belong primarily to vulnerable and marginalized populations. Maha’s approach to clinical care is emotionally focused and trauma-informed with attention paid to cultural context and intersectional issues. His organisational clients are primarily non-governmental and civil society organisations.

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